Planning Phase

Gotta love it when you will literally jump on any opportunity that takes you abroad, but then you find yourself with the inevitable cold feet. It’s like your heart can leap for joy and then fall to great depths all within moments of each other.

We can’t let the dread of the planning phase stop us cold in our tracks!

Like any good dream, it’s bound to change somehow, but for now our focus is on finding work that is not place-specific so that it will free us up to move around. Then, and this is where the inevitable change will happen, we’re thinking about moving abroad and starting an adventure company for tourists. We both love what the earth can offer, and surely we can become experts in a place!

At this time, I am focused on changing careers and becoming a copywriter (as I’m currently working in my place-based career as an assistant market manager for the Homedale Farmers’ Market in Homedale, Idaho), and Nick is focused on honing his skills as a journeyman union electrician while also fixing up our new 1940’s home in Boise, Idaho in preparation for our future departure.

Like any good dream, we’re starting somewhere and imagining what life would be like when we’ve reached our goals, but we’re not really “goal” people per se. Every time one thing is accomplished, we find a way to add yet another to the plate. Therefore, this journey of planning and action is all part of the experience that will (ideally) inevitably lead us to the first among the many firsts of the goals of our lives of living an unconventional life.