Our Little Family



Our little family has grown to include my husband Nick, myself (Kim), and our little lady River.

We’re just another family who sees the world and wants to embrace all that it has to offer, whether that be backpacking in the remote wilds of Idaho or eating guinea pig in the remote wilds of Ecuador. There is always something exciting that awaits!

Funk to Forest is a vision, a sort of dream or a desire, to get out of the “funk” of the daily grind and into the “forest” of life. It’s about traveling and falling in love with the world.

Our blog was born in 2014 to document our multi-month travels of living in our Jeep and touring the USA in search of National Parks. Funk to Forest continues to be a source of inspiration for anyone who has ever ditched traditional societal thinking and latched onto an unconventional way of living; however, it now promises even more.

After a two year hiatus of figuring out the next goal, and birthing an amazing spirit into this world, we’ve now got more amazing plans. THIS TIME, however, we’re bringing you along for the whole ride. Most people talk about what they want to do or what they are already doing, but who the heck ever talks about making it happen?!

Follow us as we go from vision to action, and be inspired for yourself!

Additionally, if you want a little bit more fun you can always check out the blog I keptĀ during the summer of 2013 when I lived in Ecuador and completed the thesis work for my masters in ecopsychology. You can find the blogĀ here.

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