The New Journey Begins

There’s always an a-ha moment where you find a new avenue and then you jump on it. It’s like that ubiquitous “road less traveled” that Robert Frost so loved which seemed to call to me, and I had to take the leap. Like so many times before, I was smitten with the sense of adventure.

Today is not unlike one of the many times where my heart has fluttered and my palms have become sweaty with just thinking about the excitement to come. Yet, these moments are all part of the path; they aren’t the beginning of one nor the end of one. They simply are, and I enjoy them every time they come.

A small discussion with my husband led me to this moment. I asked him, “If you could start a business anywhere in the world doing anything, what would it be?” He loves to throw out the most wild ideas he can, since he knows what kind of dreamer I am, and so he responded with “underwater metal detecting.” That was the moment when I thought to myself, sure I can make that happen. (He really shouldn’t kid with me!)

Here I am today, coming back into myself and finding passions rising again as I look toward moving abroad. It’s one of those dreams that just never seems to fade away! It’s about time to make it a reality!

As part of this journey I have re-awakened my blog, which went dormant 2 years ago after an amazing trip living in our Jeep as we toured the USA in search of national parks. Another aspect of this new journey, and an equally important one, involves finding work that can travel with me.

Hence, I’m now a freelancer! I have years of experience, so why not offer myself and make a business of it? If you’d like to learn more about what I can offer, click Kim Ellsworth Marketing.

This website and blog promises to be a new journey toward a new career and a new home. Unlike other blogs where people talk about what they’re doing, as if there was minimal planning involved, this blog will detail our decisions and plans that take us into the great beyond. May you find inspiration in it, and may you support my family by contracting out my services. As the saying goes “you can’t have one without the other.”

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