Funk to Forest Begins

It has begun! …. the journey that is. We’re living out our gypsy fantasy and taking a road trip around the USA. Destinations include cool sites and cool people along with any awesome, random adventures that might come our way. As of yet, there is no end in sight, and hopefully there needn’t ever be!

Nick and Kim
Nick and Kim

What makes this dream that much more special is that it won’t be staying “just a dream” forever. We can boast of having visited four countries outside the US, and these include Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, and Argentina; however, we have hardly seen our own country’s backyard. Assuming this dream-turned-reality is as amazing as it promises to be, we might just take the adventure over seas. (That shall be for another day though.)

Another reason this trip is so special is that we just finished a long go of schooling. I just finished my Masters in Ecopsychology (from Antioch University Seattle), and Nick has completed his schooling to become a journeyman electrician.


8 Comments on “Funk to Forest Begins

  1. Have fun! We’ll be in MO until the end of March, Arizona after that. You’re welcome at our place (wherever that is) any time.


    • Thanks Iris! We will be seeing you both; we’re just not sure when yet. 😉


  2. Hi my name is duyyek, I wanted to make a suggestion. Maybe you’d like to visit a gypsy Christian church. Even if religion is not your thing you will get to experience the beautiful music and see the traditional dress and just mingle with a people you don’t normally get to meet. If this is something that interest you please contact me I will help you find a church along your route.


    • Duyyek….. we are always interested in learning about the various ways that people worship, so yes please let us know how we might be able to visit a gypsy Christian church. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! We are currently in Southern California/Arizona.


    • Great work, and yes please do check up on us. We’re enjoying life and learning lots!


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